How it Works

Quality matters. That?s why was created. High PR Links is also 100% automated, saving you time and money. All you need to do is enter your niche, urls / keywords and our system takes care of the rest. This system is based on results, along with full reporting.

Once inputted into the system, your backlinks will be embedded contextually within highly spun content across these aged, trusted domains (using your exact anchor text keywords). We?ve invested thousands and thousands of dollars in securing quality domains hosted on unique IP addresses as well as private registration. This is a very safe, tried and true method of link building. If you aren?t a member of these websites would never be available to you. With the membership you can dominate your niche for yourself or clients. Best of all, we provide a full report of exactly where your links were placed, and the domain PageRank.

Due to demand we may choose to temporarily close new memberships, as well as raise the price, as the cost of domains, hosting, and backlinking them continues to rise; we are constantly upgrading our network in volume and quality. Current membership?s will never be locked out or experience a price increase. Be sure to register, get grandfathered in, and start dominating the competition ? all on autopilot.