Is this 100% automated?

Yes, all you need to do is enter your urls / keywords, niche and we take care of the rest.

Do you provide full reporting?

Yes, you will see exactly where your links are placed and the pagerank of the domains in your dashboard

Do you Provide the Content?

Yes! ?We use high quality, niche related content, which is seen as Unique to the search engines. ?This means no writing, registering, or posting the content yourself. We value your time, and want to optimize your results while keeping pricing low.

What is the PageRank(PR) of the domains?

It varies, 1-6, but all have PageRank, are trusted, aged domains that have been around for awhile and Google loves as high authority sites.

Do these Blog sites use Unique C Class IP addresses and private registration?

Yes!? ?We take privacy seriously. ?Our network is protected with unique C class IP addresses and private registration so there is never any footprint left behind.

If I cancel will I lose my one way backlinks?

No. We will never remove links from cancelled members.

Do I get Keyword exclusivity on these Blog Sites?

Yes!? We will never have the same keyword posted on the same main page at any given time.? This means more link juice directly into your Keyword and URL.

Do you allow Adult/Gambling/Porn niches?

No. Our network is a family friendly network. ?If you have any questions as to whether your URLs/KWs violate this rule please contact us using our contact form.

Is this a good use of my budget?

Absolutely! The value received far outweighs the cost. Other services require you to write content, spin it, or register. We take out all the cumbersome manual work and fast track you to near and long term results across a network of extremely aged and trusted domains.

Sounds great, how do I start?

Simply choose the plan that best fits your needs/ambitions, enter some basic information and start climbing to number 1 in Google!